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To Do List: Connect Openly with People…

s1065819Brief But Moving Encounters
Anybody’s Daily Horoscope, DailyOm A talkative mood can incite you to open up to the people you spend time with today. Whether this means you are chatting with people you have only just met or reaching out to associates to develop a deeper relationship, you will likely find your conversations intensely satisfying. You may be inspired by these experiences to look back on the encounters you have had with others as a child, a youth, and an adult. Your recollections can remind you of those individuals who touched your life only briefly but influenced your development in a positive way. Today can be a lovely time to reflect on these important people and honor them in your thoughts.

Let’s open up & share our real selves with people & listen well to them too…there’s a good chance something meaningful will come from it… & besides, it’s fun…

Randi B.

Randi B.


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