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We Can’t Blame Others If We’re Not Happy…

I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks…it’s true, we have to take back our power…we’re the navigators of our thought-control-tower…When we put Positive thoughts in our conscious minds, we feel good! So, what are we waiting for? A Miracle? We were given one with our ability to choose our thoughts…

“Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel — and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.”

Jerry and Esther Hicks, & the spirits called ‘Abraham’, teach us that whatever we ‘feel’, we will attract more of that energy…if we’re negative, we will attract all things with that same negative vibrational frequency. We need to believe & remember this. For us to know that we can attract Positive people, events & all things good by using our own Positive vibrational frequency, why would we be careless about what we think about?

If we blow it, we can’t blame others for our lack of joy, but we can always switch gears by becoming committed to thinking, being & behaving Positively…It starts with our desire to be happier!

Let’s control our thoughts wisely,

Randi B. 



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