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We’re More Likeable Without the Stuff…

A large part of our spiritual work is to drop our ego…it’ll happen faster & we’ll be a lot happier if we stop identifying ourselves by what we think we have or own…Who Are We Without Possessions?

“In our work and our own personal lives, we encounter power struggles, ego clashes, and emotional & intellectual conflict. One of the reasons for that is our misconception of ownership.

We may think we own and possess things like cars, CDs, stocks and bonds. This thinking overflows into our jobs and responsibilities and oftentimes our relationships. How many of us have uttered the words YOU BELONG TO ME or I’M YOURS?

The wisdom of the sages teaches that we own nothing. Anything that can be lost tomorrow doesn’t actually belong to us. In fact, it’s the concept of ownership that creates most of the fear, war, and conflict in the world.

We’re afraid to lose, afraid to lose control, and we set our mentality to acquire what we have already decided is ours in our minds. So what would be a better way to relate that will remove the fear in our lives?

Be a manager.

Remember that everything comes to us to manage and is there for us to use in a given time frame. The consciousness of manager releases us from a false sense of control and dictatorship. When we begin to act as managers of everything that we receive, including our bodies, we can better lead and empower others on personal and global levels.”

Don’t you think it would be fun to feel free?…free from caring what other people think of us? What if we put our energy into being kinder, gentler, more compassionate & caring and let those qualities be our new outfit?, or our new car, or whatever else we usually use to get attention with? Wouldn’t that be a challenge & tons of fun at the same time? Can we handle it? YES WE CAN!

Let’s get in touch with our genuine selves…

Randi B. 


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