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Choosing Our Thoughts…

With all of the info out there about how our life’s direction is actually managed by the thoughts we choose, this is an addition confirmation for us to learn from. We can never have too many positive influences for us to be inspired by…Randi B.
My Yoga Online is happy to present a new yoga article [...]

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Doing Nothing Can Be a Very Good Thing…

We feel so energetic & restless sometimes, don’t we? Going out to buy, do, and get seems to soothe us and has turned into one of our most popular hobbies! But what if we do something different, like get lazy? What if we chill and don’t go, go, go? Hmm, well it’s good for the [...]

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Being Aware of the Magical Moments…

Every moment is magical if we notice them to be that way. We are surrounded by beauty, miracles and happiness if we choose to see it. Let’s start looking! It’s mental exercise, and ya, it’s not easy to see & feel them until we get better at noticing that they’re really there, and they are! [...]

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Finding Peace Within @ The Omega Institute…

Hi everyone! Catch this…Sept 4-7, the fabulous Omega Institute is having it’s annual Ecstatic Chant Retreat…what a treat! You can register now at www.eOmega.org…The lineup of teachers, singers & performers coupled with the integrity behind The Omega Institute, makes it a very special event! Let’s get ready for the Age of Aquarius! All is good…
Randi [...]

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We Have The Power…Global Coherence Initiative

www.glcoherence.org…check them out! They’re measuring our collective positive energy efforts…They are doing great things…this is where science & spirituality are coming together, but our human nature is an important element…our Positive Participation in all matters of the Heart & the Mind have an effect! Let’s use our power for amazing outcomes! Randi B.

A number [...]

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Making Room For Miracles…

If we practice the Art of Allowing, we can drop our thoughts (ego) and just be…in that state we can invite and welcome what we need from the universe…sounds easy! It’s simple, but not easy…so what? Let’s do it anyway! Randi B.
Exert Less Effort! By Deepak Chopra @Care2.com

You assume that you have to work to [...]

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