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Making Room For Miracles…

If we practice the Art of Allowing, we can drop our thoughts (ego) and just be…in that state we can invite and welcome what we need from the universe…sounds easy! It’s simple, but not easy…so what? Let’s do it anyway! Randi B.


Exert Less Effort! By Deepak Chopra @Care2.comyoga pose@ sunset

You assume that you have to work to make your dreams come true, when in fact most of the work you run around doing is preventing your dreams from coming true.

The less effort expended, the better. To think in a more orderly, conscious, efficient manner you first have to eliminate habits of thinking that obstruct the universe’s ability to carry out your desires.

Imagine that your mind is a radio transmitter, bombarding the field with messages. If you sit quietly and observe your mind, you will see that it is full of mixed signals. The things we want to accomplish we also have doubts about; the person we want to turn into is also someone we aren’t quite sure about.

The mind is similarly full of pointless repetition. It has been estimated that 90 percent of the thoughts anyone thinks on any given day are the same as those of the day before. This is because we are all creatures of habit, worry, and obsession.

Finally, the mind is full of unconscious static, tracking back to the very depths of infant memory. You may not be paying attention only to your conscious, willed thoughts, but in the background your unconscious mind is churning with its unfulfilled hopes, its old fears and wishes – in short, all the things that didn’t seem to come true in the past.

Intentions are simply desires, and desires are linked to what you need. Therefore all this activity of the mind that isn’t being fulfilled consists of old needs that didn’t get fulfilled.

The first step towards change is recognition. Recognize that you have had at least a few hopes and wishes come true. When you have an intention and send it into the universal awareness, you are actually talking to yourself in another form. As the sender of the message, you are an individual living here in time and space.

But you are also the receiver of the message, in your guise as a higher self presiding over your space-time identity. And even more than this, you are the medium of the message, pure awareness itself.

Adapted from Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 1995).

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