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Choosing Our Thoughts…

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With all of the info out there about how our life’s direction is actually managed by the thoughts we choose, this is an addition confirmation for us to learn from. We can never have too many positive influences for us to be inspired by…Randi B.

My Yoga Online is happy to present a new yoga article by guest yoga author, Kino MacGregor. Enjoy this latest yoga writing offering inspiration in creating a strong sense of wellness through the action of mindful thought.

You create your reality in every moment with the thoughts that you think. Your attention is itself responsible for your life experience. No matter how awful the traffic jam is, how loud your neighbors are, how inconsiderate people may seem, how delayed the airplane is, you are the one who is ultimately in control of your reality. Regardless of what type of experience finds its way into your life you always have power over your reaction to reality. In doing so you are the true master of your own fate. Think that life is awful and it is…for you. Think that people are careless, blind and ignorant and they will be…to you. The power of positive thinking is a common topic of conversation, books and seminars in the yoga community. Most of yoga practitioners agree that it is a good idea to concentrate our thoughts towards a positive goal, rather than lull around in the doldrums of complaint and whine. The real question lies not in the debate about whether we can create our own reality or not, but rather in the how.
Enter the five thousand year old tradition of which you take part when you practice yoga. Yoga is a true science of the mind where you actively practice choosing a peaceful response to distressful situations, thus giving you the tools for creating your reality in each moment. When you practice yoga, you watch your mind’s reaction to touching the borders of your physical reality. Your inner dialogue in postures that seem impossible to you parallels your reaction to life situations that push the boundary of your comfortability. Pushing these limits brings up fear, anger, sadness, frustration, and numerous other insidious emotions.
It is easy to let your mind spin away into these temptations, however, with regular practice you will have the strength to remain calm, focused and aware. It’s like the difference between scratching an itch automatically and feeling the itch, acknowledging it and then choosing not to scratch. As you remain calm you are able to choose a peaceful response to your experience and thereby create your own reality. Wayne Dyer says that it is always possible to stop any life experience and say to yourself, “I can choose peace over this.” Yoga gives you a forum to practice saying to yourself that you actually can choose peace over the patterns that you have practiced in the past. You finally have the strength to stop scratching those pesky itches. Your thoughts are crystal clear in between your breath, posture, and drishti. With no one else to blame, no where else to run, nothing left to do, you can finally start where you are, in the center of your created life experience and begin the dedicated, devotional path towards creating a peaceful life in the present moment…one breath at a time.  www.myyogaonline.com
About Kino MacGregor
Kino MacGregor is a small business owner (www.miamilifecenter.com), yoga teacher and freelance journalist who has produced two yoga DVDs and is currently working on her first book, Inner Peace, Irresistible Beauty to be released late April 2009. For complete details please see www.ashtanga-awareness.com.


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