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Celebrate Your Life Conference…

Hey you guys, check out this great seminar in Arizona…The guest speakers are seriously good! Randi B.
Nov. 13-15, 2009
Plus Pre & Post
Conference Workshops
Immerse yourself in a weekend for your mind, body and spirit.
Attend powerful life-changing workshops with the country’s top authors and teachers, be guided into a pathway of
transformation and personal renewal…
taking place in the [...]

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Agape Streaming LIVE

To our extended Agape Family:
I want to personally invite you to join the beloved community for Agape’s first official video streaming beginning thisSunday, August 30th !
You may go to www.AgapeLive.com during the service time of your choice:
Sunday Morning - Second Service
• 8:30am  Meditation
• 9:00am  Service
Sunday Morning - Third Service
• 11:00am  Meditation
• 11:30am  Service
Spread the word, and I look forward [...]

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Feeling Great…Rx 4 the Soul

Let’s STOP running…and just BE Still! Wait, that’s not enough bc our minds are probably racing even though our bodies aren’t…Yoga, Laughter, Massage, Aromatherapy, Horizontal visuals, Blues & Greens, Music u like…Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.’s book “The Biology Of Belief” proves that our environment effects our lives more than our DNA…so, let’s choose the best [...]

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No F.E.A.R….Being like a Puppy

Puppies are born without fear…Let’s not give in to creating false ideas…we don’t want to limit ourselves, right? We want to have the happiest, most fulfilling experiences that our lives have to offer, so let’s not get in our own way of that greatness from happening for us…arf!     Randi B.
Fear of Losing What [...]

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Sonia Choquette helps us find our inner balance…

Hey you guys, check this out…it’s a mental health exercise that’s easy & will make us feel better! Let’s work on maintaining our inner balance in this crazy world…yah!  Peace out…Randi B.
Balancing Your Chakras by Sonia Choquette
The chakras teach us that we are bodies made up as rays of light. Each chakra [...]

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Abraham & The Laws of Attraction: The Vortex…

I’ve been big fans of Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks for a long time…They’re originators for bringing the idea of The Universal Laws of Attraction to the mainstream…yay for them! This is their newest book, available Sept 1st…yay for us! I love all of their books, cd’s, dvd’s & newsletters…I think you will too!  Randi [...]

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