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Measuring Love…The Institute of HeartMath

Solar FlareI like this group. I heard about them from Gregg “Fractal Time” Braden. He also introduced me to The Global Coherence Initiative, through the Spiritual Cinema Circle. The HeartMath Group, www.heartmath.org, and The Global Coherence Initiative, www.glcoherence.org, are each a enlightened community of people who put forth their ‘heart energy’ toward a nobel cause. The results are measured via satellite…and yes, real results (quantum physics) are measured. They are doing amazing work, and are allowing regular people (like me & you) to join in and see the exciting results for themselves…Luv it! Randi B.


Dear Randi,

Membership with the nonprofit Institute of HeartMath (IHM) is a statement that heart-based living is important to you.

Founded in 1991, the Institute is helping people around the world – at home, in the classroom and community. HeartMath’s Research Center explores emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions, educational and workplace interventions, intuition and more.

“Doc Childre’s vision is wonderful. I appreciate his profound writings, and the people who have come together to unite and awaken humanity on a global level through science and life awareness understandings that support human evolution, especially during the planetary transition occurring now.” – IHM member

Join with us as we explore the path toward and the possibilities of global coherence – the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the greater community of human beings.

Membership benefits include, access to the My Member Page - the members only area of the IHM Web site where you’ll find free downloads of e-programs (PDFs and audio) and archives of members only Webinars. Other yearly benefits include three microtrainings, newsletter subscription, three exclusive members only Webinars, free e-product and more. Become part of the HeartMath Community.

Membership is easy: Learn more about IHM’s many member benefits or join here.
(The cost of membership is based on a donation request and is determined by you. You may enter any amount you wish and you will receive a full year’s benefits.)


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