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Sonia Choquette helps us find our inner balance…

Buddha & rainbowsHey you guys, check this out…it’s a mental health exercise that’s easy & will make us feel better! Let’s work on maintaining our inner balance in this crazy world…yah!  Peace out…Randi B.


Balancing Your Chakras by Sonia Choquette


The chakras teach us that we are bodies made up as rays of light. Each chakra has a color that resonates with a specific frequency on the color spectrum. As this light is refracted it moves through our chakra wheels, the corresponding color appears due to the varying degrees of this wave like energy.

For example, the crown chakra reflects white/violet because it has the shortest wave length, and white being the highest color on the color spectrum, while the root chakra reflects the color red, which has the longest wave length, and red is the lowest color on the color spectrum.

When interpreting chakra energy many people misunderstand that chakras moving slowly are stuck, and congested. The first three chakras are oriented towards the physical experience which is a more dense energy frequency so they naturally move slower than the middle and upper chakras. The heart chakra acts as the bridge between the physical chakras and the etheric spiritual experience which are centered in chakras five, six, and seven.

The colors that come through our chakra system affect us deeply, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This spectrum of light affects every living cell. Because of this we can use color frequencies to rejuvenate our chakras and help us move toward wholeness.

I want to take the opportunity to explain that the particular color of each chakra correspond to the classic color spectrum. Knowing this, work from the crown chakra, associate each of the following specific colors, working from the crown downward until you become familiar with colors of the chakras as follows:

7. Crown - Violet (white/gold)

6. Third eye (Brow) - Indigo

5. Throat - Blue

4. Heart - Green

3. Solar plexus - Yellow

2. Sacral - Orange

1. Root - Red


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