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Agape Fundraiser: Soul & Spirit!

We love Michael & Rickie & everyone who’s a part of the Agape Spiritual Family! They’re an amazing group of sweet people with a strong message for “Love Thy Neighbor”…with a choir that’s crazy Good! Check them out soon on PBS!   Randi B.
Celebrate Agape’s 23rd Anniversary
Support Agape’s Vision and Mission
“The Message and the Music”
an Anniversary Fundraising Concert
featuring the
Agape [...]

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George Harrison with Ravi Shankar

This is just…cool!   Randi B.

a2a_linkname=”George Harrison with Ravi Shankar”;

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Sunday Sept 27, Charter For Compassion…TED

There is a chance for Peace on Earth…Karen Armstrong at the Vancouver Peace Summit introducing Charter For Compassion…good people!                    Randi B.***

Vancouver Peace Summit Webcast Watch Karen Armstrong live from the Vancouver Peace Summit

Sunday, September 27 1:00-3:30 PDT
TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong joins four Nobel Peace laureates, including [...]

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Very Special Night At The Agape Spiritual Center…

Tonight will be a Very Special Evening at The Agape International Spiritual Center! Buy your tickets now, it’ll be a great event!  ~Randi B.
The Shadow Effect - Movie Screening with Debbie Ford
Friday, September 25th, 2009    8:00pm - 10:00pm
Take a journey from your darkest thought to your greatest dream in The Shadow Effect, an emotionally-gripping, visually-compelling [...]

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Positive Thoughts ~ Positive Life…Practice, Practice, Practice

We know about the Universal Law of Attraction, right? Remember “The Secret”? It’s simple but not so easy to always be thinking the best, positive thoughts…but if we remember that life’s more fun when we’re happy, then we’ll do it! The more we practice leaning in the direction of hope, joy & positivity, the easier [...]

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“Here We Grow”…the movie!

Craig King’s movie “Here We Grow” shows us that, “all people can afford to eat organically no matter what their zip code or economic status”…this documentary profiles people who happily, easily & successfully switched from a junk food lifestyle to eating well & feeling better!  Whole Foods is a strong supporter for this way of [...]

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