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International Peace Day: September 21, 2009

EarthDear Randi,

For the International Day of Peace, September 21, align with the spirit of all who are sending prayers, meditations and positive intentions for world peace.

Envisioning the Peaceful World You Want to Live In

Creation starts with thought, desire and imagination….the same as desiring a new house, job, etc. Thoughts, desires and imagination create an energetic blueprint for what we want; then taking action steps towards our goal helps to create the building blocks for intentions to manifest.


Care Focus Peace Technique

For a month, in honor of Peace Day, let’s take five minutes a day (or what’s convenient for you) to envision the world as we would want it to be: A world that respects individual human rights and authentic communication, has balanced, conscious leadership and compassionate governing systems worldwide, values the preservation of resources, has love and respect for animals and environmental balance. A world that provides food, pure water, shelter and world peace for all. Create your own additions and remember to enrich your vision with genuine feelings from your heart’s desire so as to give it life. Close with a moment of gratitude and the request that whatever manifests only be the highest best for the whole.

Revised Note – Please Read

Guiding Principles for GCI Care Focus

As the Global Shift is playing out, there are a growing number of situations that unfold continuously around the world that could benefit from focused care. This makes it difficult to choose a GCI focus that would suit everyone at any given time. With GCI members from many different countries and cultures, it’s understandable that this would influence personal feelings of what would be most appropriate for a GCI care focus.

At times when a global issue is more important to you than the GCI care focus selected, we suggest this: Spend a little time on the GCI care focus, then spend most of your time sending love and compassion to whatever situation you feel is most important. Some of you may choose to hold a vision of the planet in a state of perfection, which can help manifest how we would want it to be. The most important thing is for us all to love, accept, and respect without judgment each others expressions of care.

The techniques suggested by the GCI team won’t always feel appropriate for everyone because of our many cultural backgrounds and personal belief systems. This is very understandable. When this is an issue, we invite you to use your own heart’s choice of technique, prayer, meditation, affirmation, visualization, etc., when sending love and compassion to the planet and its inhabitants. It’s our genuine coherent love and care that make a difference, much more so than method or technique.

Our common link with each other is that we all care. By honoring our differences, we multiply the strength of connection and effectiveness in our care for the planet and each other. This is what the planetary shift is about – differences coming together in the heart to co-create a greater wholeness.

Thank you for your participation.

The Global Coherence Steering Committee


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