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Positive Thoughts ~ Positive Life…Practice, Practice, Practice


We know about the Universal Law of Attraction, right? Remember “The Secret”? It’s simple but not so easy to always be thinking the best, positive thoughts…but if we remember that life’s more fun when we’re happy, then we’ll do it! The more we practice leaning in the direction of hope, joy & positivity, the easier it’ll get & we know we’ll attract great experiences into our lives, so let’s just do it!  Randi B.


“Since nothing matters to you other than your personal alignment with your individual goals or desires, then that is where our work is. We are not here to debate the rightness or the wrongness of what you, or anyone, chooses. We are not taking sides, for or against, anything. We are here to help you understand that your life can be as wonderful or as horrible as you allow it to be. It all depends upon the thoughts that you practice. And therein lies the basis of anyone’s success: How much do I practice thoughts that bring me joy, and how much do I practice thoughts that bring me pain?”

— Abraham



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