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Deepak’s Letter To All…

The Eternal Now

All the happiness and fulfillment that humans yearn for exist in the present moment.

In the now, time ceases to exist and we experience a presence that is all-absorbing,

completely at peace, and totally satisfying.

Nothing could be closer than the present, yet nothing slips away faster. In an instant our mind

can carry us far away into memories of the past or fantasies about the future. Or we may get

caught up in a race against the clock, feeling like there’s never enough time. We say things

like “Time is flying,” “Time is running out,” or “There are never enough hours in the day.”

We somehow forget that we can choose whether to make time an enemy or an ally. We

can shift from time-bound awareness into timeless awareness . . . to the ecstasy that can

only be found in the present moment. If you want to have all the time in the world, you can

train yourself through the following simple practices:

Dive into the source of awareness. The most effective way to live in the flow of the timeless

is meditation. As you meditate, your consciousness becomes awake within itself. With a

regular meditation practice, the silent witness within saturates and illuminates the mind so

that it doesn’t look to the past or the future for fulfillment. It experiences peace and freedom

within itself in every moment.

Practice paying attention. Throughout your day, when you notice that your thoughts have

drifted away, come back to where you are. You’ll instantly see why you drifted away, whether

because you were bored, anxious, dwelling on the past, or anticipating the future. Don’t judge

yourself; simply return your attention to what’s in front of you right now.

Feel the sensations in your body. While the mind lives in the past and the future, the body lives

in the now. Connecting to the feelings in your body brings you back into present-moment awareness.

Our thoughts are always pulling us into the future or the past, away from the present. But it is

in the present moment that we find Spirit, our essential being and the force that animates all life.

By connecting with the present we turn our attention inward, away from all the chaos and activity,

and experience our eternal, unbounded nature.




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