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Happy New Moments

champagne bottleHappy New Year Everyone!

In our culture the beginning of a new year is celebrated (yay!), but it’s also used as a time for us to make improvements to our lives. We don’t have to wait for anything! Everyday is New! Our moments are our January 1st’s!

Change starts with a thought, which when feels right, morphs into an action. If we keep our thoughts simple then maybe it’ll be easier for us to stick to the personal improvement contract we make with ourselves.

I like moments because change occurs immediately in them…Gratification immediadante!

If we decide we want to lose weight, save money, clean our houses, give away stuff, create something, hang out with friends more, be kinder, change bad relationships, be more responsible, more loving toward family, spend time sharing…this is all positive stuff! So the thought here is to be happier & do good things & we know that we will feel happier when we do these things…now where’s the action?

Ideas like these are exciting because we know what’s right & wrong, good & bad…our body’s soul has a thermastat that registers these ideas into anticipated feelings…the pull toward that good feeling is what motivates us to take action…isn’t that amazing?

Change starts with a thought! What will you be thinking about? We can use our moments wisely by making sure our thoughts are doing some good, somehow. Let’s value our moments because they accumulate no matter what we do.

Let’s do it with commitment & gusto!

Happy everything,

Randi B.


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