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I Liked You Better When You Were Fat…

Buddha JoySomeone very dear to me lost a bunch of weight & became a meanie. I liked him better when he was a chub. I’ve been noticing this transformation since my high school days, when girls would return from summer vacation with a new nose, no glasses, less acne and all of a sudden spectacularly beautiful…physically. I love to see people look great but what’s interesting is that sometimes they becomes meaner and snobbier than they were when they were just a regular person. Is that human nature? For some, I guess… I also know people who were a lot nicer & had more fun when they had way less money. What’s that about?

The irony is that most of us want more…to look great, to have more money, etc…but what’s funny is that sometimes people are more miserable…but why? I don’t know, but one of my girlfriends, who’s kind of a who’s who, has noticed that people are becoming nicer now that we’re in a recession. I’m kinda noticing it too! Could it be that we don’t feel the need to compete over who has it all? Are we collectively figuring out that The Soul Needs No Money? I hope so.

Hopefully when things become economically better, the majority of people will continue to be nice. Mean people contribute nothing good to the positive collective energy of our environment. Their negative energy is a pollutant! Being nice is always chic.

There is no such thing as ugly, when someone is kind!

Randi B.


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