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Let’s Try to…

happy Penguinstay strong, happy & solid when people and things around us need an extra boost of positive energy. To counterbalance the negativity in the world, we need to double & triple up on our positive influence to make up for the void.

Doubt is the first thing, not to do! That opens up the gateway to negative thinking…& No Gossiping!!

Certainty is the first concept to grab on tightly to! Everything is ok, and will continue to be ok…”Life is what happens when you’re busy doing other things,” John Lennon from ‘Beautiful Boy’…(love that sweet chorus).

Yup, life happens, crappola happens, always did, always will…But, so what?! That’s not the only stuff that makes up life!  Let’s choose to look at the good stuff, find the things that work well & be in awe of it, be wise enough to know that miracles happen in front of our eyes, focus on the things that make sense, know there’s enough of everything to go around, be creative not competitive, cry when you want to cry, but be sure to laugh at something else later, hug someone for no reason, be available to give respect & attention to everyone, don’t create problems that aren’t there, enjoy the quiet bliss of nothingness, feel grateful for just being here & having choices, purposely tell yourself that you want to feel joy & be happy, make wise decisions that will take you there, be around positive influences: people, places & things, know that it all matters, get excited about & give, give, give, and give some more!! Don’t waste one nano second on anything negative…the circuitry of giving will come back to you, just like a boomerang…be ready for the good stuff, it’s already here & more is coming!

Get read & make room for the Joy,

Randi B.


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