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Peace for all…Peace on Earth

waterfallI think it starts with having peace within, our bodies & our minds. If we all take responsibility for being at peace, then for sure we will have peace, the real kind where cells are chillin’ out & a feeling of communal calmness & joy can be felt by us all…the Domino Effect.

When do we ever use our silent active minds to pay respect to our inner machinery? More often than not, we have old or new reels running our thoughts, digging up useless crud for us to worry about, scare ourselves with or make us feel bad in some way. Chuck it!! Let’s stay in the present moment & respectfully mind-talk to our cells, blood stream, bones, electrons, protons & neutrons, let’s thank our inner machinery & our body for being there for us…whatever shape it’s in, somebody else has it worse than we do.

What else is more important right this second than feeling peace within?, then passing on that vibe?

That’s a gift that we can all use!

Randi B.


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