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The Two D’s…Desire & Direction

The Moon TripOur energy can be compared to a heat seeking missile…we strengthen whatever direction our attention is focused on. We can’t pretend that we’re non-participants on this planet…so ok, let’s choose to remain alert & aware of our thoughts, and the feelings that come from them. Remember, our bodies have a built in thermostat allowing us to feel positive & negative responses…but that comes after, or as an effect of our choices, which begins with a thought. Conscious thought is the first step to everything that matters…

There is value to things & circumstances we don’t like, or choices we’ve made that didn’t work out for us.

Living life means making choices that seem good in the moment. None of us should be keeping inventory of each other’s mistakes, because there aren’t any.

Each adverse situation provides a new launching pad for creativity. They allow us to follow a path that makes more sense. With that, we can begin figuring out what we want…creating the rich feeling of Desire! Without Desire, we have no plan to follow!

How do we get pointed in the right direction? By getting up, dusting ourselves off & following our desire for what does work & feels right. Let’s not give any energy away to what doesn’t!

Every little micro thought matters…let’s choose wisely!

Randi B.


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