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Green Inside & Out

treesLiving a green lifestyle is a responsible step in the right direction for our Earth. Recycling, using fuel efficient, non-toxic, ’safe for the environment’ products is what we need to do in our daily lives to create a better world. Hoorah! That’s not the whole picture. There exists a metaphysical world that we cannot see (without a microscope), but we can feel & sense. We know when we’ve entered a toxic negative zone. Eww! (FYI: I go bye-bye).

I’ll try everyday to add & connect to the positive collective energy that exists in our environment…by taking responsibility for my own happiness, being kind, having compassion and sharing that feeling of joy.

Passing on fun energy to others contributes to a healthier Invisible Green environment…just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, ie. Gravity & Electricity, etc…

Enjoy your moments, every moment!

Randi B.


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