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Dalai Lama Ethics in Difficult Times

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George Harrison & Ravi Shankar Interview

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Let’s Not Get In Our Own Way…

Those times that we look around, scrutinize, and compare what we have & where we’re at wit others, can destroy our potential to achieve everything that we can have. Let’s stick to minding our own business…that’s the only way we can receive what’s available to us.  ~Randi B.

“There is a Life Stream that flows to [...]

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No Problems ~ No Mistakes

What if we thought of them as ’Situations’? If we feel less scared by taking the edge off, can we find solutions to our situations, with calmness & clarity? If we then add some hope & certainty that a solution is available, can we use our feelings of hope & certainty to add a little patience?, then with a feeling ofhope, certainty & patience, can we [...]

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Green Inside & Out

Living a green lifestyle is a responsible step in the right direction for our Earth. Recycling, using fuel efficient, non-toxic, ’safe for the environment’ products is what we need to do in our daily lives to create a better world. Hoorah! That’s not the whole picture. There exists a metaphysical world that we cannot see (without a [...]

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Comm’unity’ Begins With Us…

Recently Oprah expressed to the press that she can’t believe she’s gained weight again. That surprised me! Yes, she’s just like us in that way, where we’re all a little insecure ’bout somethin’…on our bodies! But I wish, wish, wish that she’d stop focusing on her weight because those thoughts are destructive, no matter who you are! She has [...]

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