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The Two D’s…Desire & Direction

Our energy can be compared to a heat seeking missile…we strengthen whatever direction our attention is focused on. We can’t pretend that we’re non-participants on this planet…so ok, let’s choose to remain alert & aware of our thoughts, and the feelings that come from them. Remember, our bodies have a built in thermostat allowing us [...]

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Happy New Moments

Happy New Year Everyone!
In our culture the beginning of a new year is celebrated (yay!), but it’s also used as a time for us to make improvements to our lives. We don’t have to wait for anything! Everyday is New! Our moments are our January 1st’s!
Change starts with a thought, which when feels right, morphs into an [...]

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I Liked You Better When You Were Fat…

Someone very dear to me lost a bunch of weight & became a meanie. I liked him better when he was a chub. I’ve been noticing this transformation since my high school days, when girls would return from summer vacation with a new nose, no glasses, less acne and all of a sudden spectacularly beautiful…physically. [...]

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Hope For Haiti Now.Org

a2a_linkname=”Hope For Haiti Now.Org”;

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Let’s Try to…

…stay strong, happy & solid when people and things around us need an extra boost of positive energy. To counterbalance the negativity in the world, we need to double & triple up on our positive influence to make up for the void.
Doubt is the first thing, not to do! That opens up the [...]

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Matthieu Ricard Buddhist Monk/Scientist @ TED

a2a_linkname=”Matthieu Ricard Buddhist Monk/Scientist @ TED”;

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