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Meditation of the Heart by Deepak Chopra…

If anybody knows how to offer advise on how to meditate, it’s Deepak Chopra. He’s so talented, brilliant & busy, but all of his efforts allow us to heal & deal better in this crazy, wonderful world. I’m a big fan, check this out… Randi B.
Sit comfortably in a quiet room by yourself, choosing [...]

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Finding Peace Within @ The Omega Institute…

Hi everyone! Catch this…Sept 4-7, the fabulous Omega Institute is having it’s annual Ecstatic Chant Retreat…what a treat! You can register now at www.eOmega.org…The lineup of teachers, singers & performers coupled with the integrity behind The Omega Institute, makes it a very special event! Let’s get ready for the Age of Aquarius! All is good…
Randi [...]

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Detoxifying Oneself…

You know how ugly it feels to be really, really mad at someone? Whether it’s for a brief moment or longer, there’s a residual yuckiness that lingers inside. In the 79th Verse of “Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life” called ‘Living Without Resentments’, Dr. Wayne Dyer states, “As the storm of a quarrel subsides, you must [...]

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