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TRASHed @ Coachella

Get TRASHed In Front Of 75,000 People, Win VIP Coachella Tickets & Outfit A High School With the Greatest Recycling Bin Collection Known To Man!
TRASHed :: Art of Recycling Celebrates 8 Glorious Years At Coachella In 2011. Here’s Your Chance To Get Involved Or Win The Entire Collection For Your High School.

TRASHed Coachella is searching the globe for the greatest artists in modern time to assist with redesigning recycling bins for Coachella 2011.
Since 2004, Coachella has hosted this interactive recycling bin art walk to help keep the festival grounds spotless and looking good.
If you have the skills and imagination, we invite you to participate in TRASHed Coachella.

Send us a link to your artwork, concept and/or website. Any emails over 2.0mb will be blacklisted (just send large files via yousendit.com).
Email :: coachella@globalinheritance.org

All confirmed artists will be responsible for supplying their own recycling bin (we will help you confirm a recycling bin). The final collection will be on display for 2 weeks leading up the festival in Los Angeles before traveling to Coachella.
After Coachella, the entire collection will be donated to a High School in North America. If youÕre looking to win the collection, you will need to send us an email of why your school deserves TRASHed Coachella recycling bins, what your master plan is for the bins once in your possesion and how youÕd transport the recycling bins from the festival grounds to your school.

50 finalists will be selected to design recycling bins. 25 artists will win VIP Coachella tixs while the other 25 artists will win Coachella Gift Bags.

View Coachella 2010 Recycling Bin Collection :: http://www.flickr.com/photos/74696088@N00/sets/72157623701786363/


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We’ve been making huge efforts to help make The Coachella Valley Music & Arts festival more environmentally friendly. Part of this effort is encouraging and reminding you to please CARPOOL to the festival. Pick up Pal is a fun way to meet other festival goers search for or offering a ride to the ffestival.


Energy FACTory’s Sweatshop Mixer
Spin Your Set At Coachella With A Little Help From Your Friends

Ever dreamed about Djing at the Coachella Music & Art Festival?
Here’s your chance for the resume builder of a lifetime. First there’s a catch! With great opportunity, comes great sacrifice. You cannot perform on your own. You’ll need at least 12 friends to power all your equipment. Your friends will be running on hamster wheels, riding bikes, turning hand cranks, riding seesaws among other things to power your turntables and sound system.

Secondly, there’s limited timeslots so all DJ’s confirmed will need to put down a $50 deposit. If you arrive on time and perform your DJ set powered 100% by friends or family or people you meet at the camp grounds…..you’ll receive a 100% refund plus a cool Sweatshop Mixer t-shirt that is of course sweatshop free..

Lastly, you cannot suck. Send us your website so we can listen to your set. Coachella will curate the music hard drive so you’re getting the best of the best to spin. Set times during Coachella are 30 mins. If you’re friends are in great condition and you’re ruling the decks….this time period can be extended.

Email – sweatshopMIXER@globalinheritance.org for more information and submit yourself.

The Sweatshop is a massive undertaking so if you’re an electrician, engineer, electrical engineers, energy experts, designer, web programmers, architect, movers, mathematician, trucker or the second coming of macgyver…send us an email if you want to lend a hand – coachella@globalinheritance.org. If you are interested in donating your time to volunteer for Global Inheritance during Coachella/Stagecoach festivals but are more skilled as an educator or great communicator, feel free to send us an email with your resume.



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Coachella 2010

Call to Artists -Recycling bin Artwork
Call to Artists. Get TRASHed This Year At Coachella. Inspire thousands to recycle and win Coachella tixs.

20 artists will be selected to turn a 96 gallon recycling bin into a work of art.
Over the last 7 years, everyone from Hunter S Thompson to Fugazi has taken their turn recreating a recycling bin. Here’s your chance!

There’s two rounds of competition. Winning Northern America and then the world competition.
20 finalist will be selected each receiving tixs and vip passes for Coachella Festival 2010.
We invite you to submit your artwork and be considered to design one of the 20 recycling
bins featured at Coachella. What’s even better is that the non offensive redesigned bins
will be placed in schools throughout Southern California after Coachella to inspire the future
recyclers of the world! Next steps? Send us a link to your artwork, concept and/or website.

On February 20, 2010… 20 artists and 5 alternates will be selected to redesign 96 gallon
recycling bins.  We don’t charge an admission fee, but any bad idea or artwork will be
passed along internally at your expense.

Now email us at :: Coachella@globalinheritance.org

Let the games begin!



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NRDC ‘This Is Our Moment’


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2010 Electric Cars Are Getting Better…


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