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Heat in Hawaii

Hawaii has become the first state to require solar water heaters in new homes. The bill was signed into law by Governor Linda Lingle, a Republican. It requires the energy-saving systems in homes starting in 2010. It prohibits issuing building permits for single-family homes that do not have solar water heaters. Hawaii relies on imported [...]

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Even Trash Can Be Transformative

by Annette Ferstenberg
How many times have you walked past piles of garbage bags on the street and thought that they are disgusting or worse, already inured to the sight of these eyesores, just ignored them altogether? Well, at least one artist, Adrian Kondratowicz, is seeking to transform, forever, the way we view trash, while [...]

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Paint it Green and Watch it Turn Blue!

By Kim Smith
It’s an unrecognizable image to most. The plumber circa 1934 stands with a superhero presence, hands clasped purposefully around his trusty wrench. The earth illuminates his vision, while thousands of people look up to him to protect the health of their nation.
Fade into today. A plumber is knocking on a consumer’s door [...]

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How many planet earths does it take to…

support your lifestyle, if everyone did as you do?
Be honest now. Sustainability is key.

In a nicely done flash page, you can determine your resource costs, in a global way. visit www.GlobalFootprint.org and have some fun realizing things.
They hide the link to this in thier page layout, so here is a direct link for you:
This system treats [...]

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This is a pic of our wide and full screen magazine, with embedded video and interaction. Its in Beta Preview at the moment - very much in the look-see stage for a launch very soon. we invite you to take a look ( ideal for the 1680 x 1050 wide screen user who is [...]

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