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Foot or Mass Transit to Free Music in City Hall Park, NYC

Just heard about this.  What could be more uplifting or environmentally neutral than free music in a cozy city hall park that you can get to by foot or public transportation?  Take the number 2 or 3 train to the Park Place or Fulton Street station, the A or C train to the Broadway-Nassau Street station, the J [...]

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Eco-cabs in Ireland

We checked around to see how the western urbanite was travelling green in the city, and found this very clever and innovative solution in Dublin Ireland…
Thousands of people visit Dublin’s inner city everyday and being bombarded with brand messages from left, right and centre is now part and parcel of city life. How do you [...]

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Greenride: The Pedicab in NYC

The Ideal way to Get There in Manhattan on a nice day … is to scoot around traffic on a Zero-emissions ride called the Pedicab. These are more and more prevalent since I first encountered them in the Season One Apprentice with with my pal Kwame Jackson. Its sometimes faster and always fun, Park Ave [...]

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Oil from Algae - 20,000 gal/acre

I initially liked the corn-to-ethanol idea untill i studied it more. It actually hurts more than it helps in the big picture, but since it is an immediately available answer, can it be all that bad?
Yes. Because other smarter options exist.
Why is it that people in the know complain about corn stocks for ethanol being [...]

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