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Flexible Solar Power : KONARKA

3rd Generation Solar
Konarka’s PowerPlastic® is made using low cost organic materials (organic photovoltaics, or OPV). Such 3rd generation technologies are rapidly emerging to displace 1st and 2nd generation technologies by overcoming their technical limitations and delivering a truly cost-effective renewable power solution.
1st Generation
Crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) technology was first developed more than 50 years ago [...]

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Riding on Air

Compressed air energy
Rather like an urban car runabout, the MDI (made in france) is a solution to city travel with Zero Emissions. This car is designed to be very affordable ( between 10k and 22k ) and sustainable in so much as air compression as a means of energy storage is apparently rather basic. [...]

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The Nature Conservancy

The Mission of The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Our Approach
We have developed a strategic, science-based planning process, called Conservation by Design, which helps us identify the highest-priority places—landscapes [...]

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Global Computing Ecosystem

If you stop and think for a bit, about the ecosystems we are preserving and attending to, and the nature of nature, then you must also recognize that humankind has created many of its own ecosystems.
The web is now the most democratized and open ecosystem ever in history. The Web, like natural ecosystems, is integrated into [...]

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