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Warming in Greenland - some like it …

If you think that global climate change trends are confusing but real, then you are right. The Rate of change of warming in some places is dramatic. In fact we just saw a video wher our own PhD , Dr. Jeff Schweitzer indicated that summer of next year may well be the first time in [...]

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( another OP/ED off green but in the mainstream )
New word for your Wiki maybe…. GOP VP hopeful Sarah Palin simply saying what she wants to have people hear, regardless of situation, accuracy or even reality. This is lame verbal gymnastics where the player in the game simply avoids parts of the track that they [...]

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Fields of Fuel - Film Trailer

United States financial institutions are crumbling. U.S. troops are being reassigned to our streets to do crowd control(For what? [ed: maybe a McCain rally with its unruly and angry wingnuts?]).
Anyone looking at the news feeds this morning might think we are living inside a dark Tim Burton parallel universe movie.
Whatever is going on, one thing [...]

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John McCAIN’s video library

( off-green OP/ED by the admin )
“Wrestling is about Celebrating our Freedom …”
“What are you gonna do when John McCain and the McCainiacs run wild on you?”
… or is this the Joe Sixpack in South Carolina Talking Point promo for the couch potato who watches WWE wrestling? He so seems like he is talking down [...]

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