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60 One Minute Videos

What is 60 One Minutes?
A place for you to make a difference - a movement you can be a part of - an idea you can share with the rest of the world by simply making a one minute video. Put your vision, your passion, your humor in a one minute movie that raises awareness [...]

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2 years ago some people in Australia decided to have a 1 hour time-out from electricity.
Thats a deliberate blackout. The name of it is earth hour. Last Year on March 31st it was far more widespread and global… and amazing. When you are in a normally light ‘polluted’ area on a cloudless night [...]

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Greener Gadgets Design Competition - Feb 27th

In talking to a friend about Green Design, i mentioned a competition by CEA and Core77 for Green Gadgets… the response was.. HUH? Hence this quick rundown since it should be widespread knowledge. and we like Core77 for all they do.
VOTE HERE for entrants in this contest

Last year Founders Marc Alt and Jill [...]

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LED Street Lights - LA plans to install 140,000

Green street light program – largest environmentally friendly LED lights project ever undertaken by a city – will reduce CO2 emissions by 40,500 tons and save the City of Los Angeles $10 million annually.
LOS ANGELES – In a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the City of Los Angeles, President Bill Clinton and Mayor [...]

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FUEL… The Movie

Josh Tickell is the most engaging eco-biofuel-evangelistic environmentalist you havent met yet.. but you will. We did and we are better for it, for sure.
This Gifted film maker has produced a SUNDANCE award winning documentary that has morphed from a Van powered by Cooking oil as a book “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank” [...]

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