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It would seem this year that a more global solidarity for making a statement about energy… has gotten the most attention ever. Originally meant to herald an effort to save energy, it has become more of a moment to join in global unison, at 8:30pm wherever the timezone was, and sweep the globe, as a [...]

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New Species Of Green Tree Frog Discovered In Papua New Guinea

SYDNEY — A brilliant green tree frog with huge black eyes, jumping spiders and a striped gecko are among more than 50 new animal species scientists have discovered in a remote, mountainous region of Papua New Guinea.
The discoveries were announced Wednesday by Washington D.C.-based Conservation International, which spent the past several months analyzing more than [...]

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The CTNgreen Earth Day Video Mashup Contest

This is easy - signup below… - and send us a link to your short clip about your Message to the Earth for earth day / what happened on earth hour video. ( we love the 60 Minute Earthhour stuff - after you send your entry to them, add it to our mashup [...]

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