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Solar Panels Micro Inverter managed by Enphase

So you want a small solar system…? Do you really know how that works?
Basically all ( or groups of ) your Solar panels are connected in a string, like a chain which means that one lame panel can pull down the performance of the entire chain it is in. Its been that [...]

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Century-old reefs destroyed in seconds Video

With the capability to destroy century-old reefs in mere moments, bottom trawling is the single most destructive human impact on the ocean floor. Oceana fights to stop bottom trawling and protect the marine life that call these habitats home.
Visit www.Oceana.org

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Crude The Movie

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Sealife Abundance

This NASA visualization shows a decade’s worth of data from a sea-tracking satellite. Blues show warm water, greens and reds show cooler, nutrient-rich areas.

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Turtle documentary short “Happiest Turtle Ever”

Ok i think claiming anything about the attitude of a turtle is sort of objective, but this is a fun 2 minutes well spent for those that like reef-dive shorts. Gets kudo from us anyhow.

Happiest Turtle Ever from Henrik Edelbring on Vimeo.
the story itself is here:

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