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Eco-Village Virtual Model of sustainability in secondlife

A kind and very sharp eco-entrepreneur has created a virtual model of a sustainable village, and a social community around it…. in Second Life. To visit this you need to have a secondlfe account and Avatar and click here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etopia%20Island/241/45/54 ( a secondlife Forwarding URL )

CTNgreen has a small village shop in this island - [...]

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Earth Days the film - opens now

A provident and retro-chronicle of the highs and lows of the environmental movement, Earth Days” is a … stroll down memory lane.

Assembling nine of the movement’s key players - including the biologist Paul Ehrlich and the former secretary of the interior Stewart Udall - the director, Robert Stone, encourages them to identify [...]

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You probably already know that CTN is very big on indie films and eco-centric stories and documentaries… It is one of our favorite topics and we have a lot of great friends in that world. IFC, Sundance Channel and Earthjustice, all very good and ready for you, with the superb guidance and hosting of Media [...]

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AC - COOL smart

Heat can actually kill you. It happens, the very old and young are most at risk. In outdoor vented window units, airflow matters most in keeping the unit effective.
Meet Olivia, a CNN money reporter for a segment called HOME WORK ( and also a great hufpost Green personality ) http://money.cnn.com/video/series/homework/

Embedded video from CNNMoney.com Video


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Inspiration by Philippe Cousteau

Earth Echo
See more at Planet Green
Blue August series / Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau discuss all of the issues that are intimately connected to water.

a2a_linkname=”Inspiration by Philippe Cousteau”;

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