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Solar Panels Micro Inverter managed by Enphase

So you want a small solar system…? Do you really know how that works?

Basically all ( or groups of ) your Solar panels are connected in a string, like a chain which means that one lame panel can pull down the performance of the entire chain it is in. Its been that way for awhile and its a problem, since many systems require you to use identical solar panels ( and supplier/mfg ).

This makes it hard to come up with the cash to get through the initial costs and then expand, it generally requires you buy at least 2500 watts of panels (8 200watt units) and a large inverter that creates useable AC home power from the solar array.

So what is the hitch? Partly it has to do with the converter process, the Inverter system that is required to make your solar panel DC power to Home AC power.

Enphase is correcting this problem by integrating each panel with its own inverter.

This also requires some automation in control and monitoring which they are also able to handle.

The Best part of this is the bottom line. You dont need to spend $20,000 for a complete array to be solar panel equipped. you can incrementally add power to your solar system 200 watts at a time as your budget and needs evolve. No Weak Link failure management..

visit http://www.enphaseenergy.com/ to see how micro inverters can solve all these problems.

Micro Inverters and EMU systems are the next smart residential l solution, enabling the ideal scenario of power inverters becoming a part of the solar panel , therefore the solar panel power is usable as a single turnkey unit. As prices drop for panels, this will change the scope of solar power for us all.


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