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Peace of Mine: Real Jewels™ Launches Environmentally Responsible Brand of Fine Jewelry

New York, New York –  The leaves on the trees may be changing colors, but going Green is never out of season. Officially launching October 21, 2009, the Real Jewels™ collection of fine jewelry merges fabulous jewelry design with a respectful passion for our natural resources. Made in the USA exclusively of recycled precious metals, conflict-free diamonds and fair trade sustainable gems, Real Jewels™ allows you to indulge your passion for jewelry without compromising the environment.

Designed for the person who wants to do the right thing and look fabulous doing it, Real Jewels ™ is where style meets substance. Founded on the belief that sustainable and responsible should always be synonymous with fashion, Real Jewels™, with its four diverse introductory collections, offers something for everyone.  Retail prices range from $55.00 to $460.00, because going Green should never cramp your style-or your bank account.

In this new era of ethical consumerism, shoppers are looking for ways to indulge their sense of fashion while keeping their conscience intact. Real Jewels™ helps this effort by exclusively using recycled sterling silver and 14 karat and 18 karat gold in their jewelry. Using recycled precious metals helps to minimize the environmental impact that irresponsible mining and refining practices can have on our planet. Wearing Real Jewels ™ , will not only help you look good, you will also feel great knowing  you helped the planet-even if in a small way.

Real Jewels™ are embellished with a signature fair trade, natural green Peridot. When you see the Real Jewels™ Peridot, you will know immediately that your jewelry has been crafted in an ecological and sustainable manner. These brilliant, fair trade Peridots are the perfect way to distinguish the Real Jewels™ Collection of environmentally friendly fine jewelry, and is just that little something to give you the peace of mine that you are doing the right thing. Going Green has never looked so good. Indulgent? Maybe. Shameful? Never.

Real Jewels™. Beautiful. Sustainable. Real.

Available exclusively at www.real-jewels.com.


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