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TRASHed @ Coachella

Get TRASHed In Front Of 75,000 People, Win VIP Coachella Tickets & Outfit A High School With the Greatest Recycling Bin Collection Known To Man!
TRASHed :: Art of Recycling Celebrates 8 Glorious Years At Coachella In 2011. Here’s Your Chance To Get Involved Or Win The Entire Collection For Your High School.

TRASHed Coachella is searching the globe for the greatest artists in modern time to assist with redesigning recycling bins for Coachella 2011.
Since 2004, Coachella has hosted this interactive recycling bin art walk to help keep the festival grounds spotless and looking good.
If you have the skills and imagination, we invite you to participate in TRASHed Coachella.

Send us a link to your artwork, concept and/or website. Any emails over 2.0mb will be blacklisted (just send large files via yousendit.com).
Email :: coachella@globalinheritance.org

All confirmed artists will be responsible for supplying their own recycling bin (we will help you confirm a recycling bin). The final collection will be on display for 2 weeks leading up the festival in Los Angeles before traveling to Coachella.
After Coachella, the entire collection will be donated to a High School in North America. If youÕre looking to win the collection, you will need to send us an email of why your school deserves TRASHed Coachella recycling bins, what your master plan is for the bins once in your possesion and how youÕd transport the recycling bins from the festival grounds to your school.

50 finalists will be selected to design recycling bins. 25 artists will win VIP Coachella tixs while the other 25 artists will win Coachella Gift Bags.

View Coachella 2010 Recycling Bin Collection :: http://www.flickr.com/photos/74696088@N00/sets/72157623701786363/


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