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Black Carbon Soot - the other carbon problem

An interesting PSA. Whatever you do , don’t burn that dung…

Found on Twitter. Very Retro. Polar bears erecting a windmill and floating on blocks of ice. Fundamentally weird. For more information, go to www.StopSoot.org.

a2a_linkname=”Black Carbon Soot - the other carbon problem”;

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EarthDay Mashup - Music Speaks

Earthday Mashup - Music Speaks from CTN GREEN on Vimeo.

With Thanks to our Mashup Contributors in this cut:
Thomas Donovan
The Cowboy Poem - Joel Nelson (vimeo)
Southern Tier - Jeff Hyland (vimeo)
The Fuel Film - Josh Tickell
Rebecca Harrell “Driving”
Jeth Weinrich
Raphael Mazzucco
Rickie Byars Beckwith
Keb Mo - Neal Gray
REVERB / Maroon 5
1% for the Planet
Kevin [...]

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Jan 20th OBAMA in - Bush Gone

Globally people celebrate, finally a man of the people - truly half African and half white American is our focal point for revising all that the previous administration and its party hath wrought.

I Barak Hussein Obama …

Hopefully the Bushpublican reality distortion field is now getting a good purge starting with Gitmo, no question this [...]

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Jean Smart at Hollywood Clout

Neal Gray Caught up with Jean Smart at the Richard Greene launch for Hollywood Clout on Air America, and what struck the Greeniacs here was her commentary about the immense Global Goodwill engendered by the election and support of Americans for Barak Obama… at a time when any good news is GREAT news, this matters.

Get [...]

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BYD E-6 in Detroit

How many PHEV cars are really out there that you really can own? Not enough in our opinion.
byd-electric-autos-from-asia/ on CTN GREENEWS.
The Smart Car re-emerged from the SMART FOUR and looks just as GOLFCARTY all silly as anything you can see anywhere. Diamler already tried selling it in South Africa of all places, with a punt [...]

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